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1. is an online website and forum dedicated to animal care and training. Join us to learn more, get medical advice, donate an article or ...
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2. Recipe Goldmine
Many recipes for pet food, including recipes for dogs, cats, horses, birds and more!
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3. Oregon Piranha Exotic Fish Exhibit
Eductional web site on scientific valid information on piranhas and related forms and how to identify them.
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4. Chipmunk world
Chipmunk site offering photos of Siberian, Eastern and Dilute chipmunks, Links, Forum, Information, Health problems, making cages, chipmunk clipart,ch...
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5. Paws On-Line
Easy to navigate, family orientated, and packed with a wealth of free information about more!
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6. SnailsOnline
A great website offering loads of information about Giant African Land Snails, and snails in general. Featuring information on looking after and feedi...
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7. 7th Heaven Cat Furniture
Pamper your pets with 7th Heavens quality Cat Trees, Condos, and Kitty Gyms. Many sisal options. Only the highest quality at an affordable price. Spe...
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8. Taranet Directory of Alternative Animal Therapies
Online directory of complementary animal therapies - find out about different therapies, listings of therapists plus info on training centres and educ...
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9. Dogs In Action
This online resource center is dedicated to active canines and their owners, from active pets to professional athletes and service dogs. It is the int...
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10. DachshundLinks : Dachshund Resources
Site with links to sites of interest to dachshund lovers
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