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We'll be happy to review your web site for a free listing in the Pets Listing.
A reciprocal link is highly appreciated, but not required. For any type of membership with reciprocal link your site will get higher position in the directory.

  • Your Site Must Be Related To Directory Content
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    <CENTER><A HREF="">Pets Listing</A>: all about pets dogs, cats, exotic animals, food, sale and shows</CENTER>

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  • Approval process for sites up to 4-6 weeks
  • Silver Membership:
  • All your sites will be visible in 3 categories
  • Upper positions in the catalog for main category of your main site
  • Approval process during 1-3 days
  • Price: $15 onetime fee for lifetime silver membership
  • Gold Membership:
  • All benefits of silver members and more.
  • Top positions in the catalog for all 3 categories for your main site
  • "Gold Member" word near link to your main site
  • Site posted in "Gold Members" section
  • $25/year. $15 for the 1st year if you upgrade account from silver membership. Upon expiration account become "silver" if not renewed.

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