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1. Redlion Chesapeakes and Labradors
A breder of 30 years of quality and sound retrievers. We compete with chesapeake bay retrievers and labradors in show, field trials and hunt tests. ...
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2. Tick Release
A posion free compound for humans and/or animals to remove an attached tick. Drop 1 - 2 drops of Tick Release on the attached tick and 1/4 to 1/3 will...
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3. High Desert Brittanies
We breed hunting dogs of the highest quality with great temperament, good looks and bird desire and provide wonderful family members to approved homes...
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4. Strong Showjumps
We manufacture a full range of showjumps inc. cross country and working hunter. All jumps are manufactured to order and can therefore be made to your...
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5. HawksView Hounds
Home of Salukis bred for temperament, beauty and brains in the field. Our dogs are open field coursing champions and specialty winners.
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