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1. Cape Fear American Pit Bull Terrier Club
Home of Cape Fear APBT Club, a non- profit organization located in Wilmington, NC. Promoting responsible ownership and education of our breed. We hos...
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2. Lewis-Clark Kennel Club
All dog breed kennel club located in Lewiston, ID. We offer regular monthly meetings, informative guest speakers, monhtly newsletter, educational pam...
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3. The Chinchilla Club
Community For Chinchilla Owners & Lovers that includes information on care, games, pictures, contests, discounts, chat, message boards, & more!
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4. Chinchilla Breeders Organization
Organization for chinchilla breeders-focusing on breeding for the pet trade. Our members are dedicated to helping each other as we strive to breed for...
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We carry a complete line of Parker Enterprise horse tack. Whether or not you ride gaited or non gaited,horses or mules. From Barrel racing,training,tr...
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6. Maltese show dogs and pets
Breeder of quality Maltese Show Dogs and pets, White dogs, non-allergentic,non shedding,small toy dog,champion blood lines,
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7. Shelly's Cool Cat Gifts
Gifts for cat lovers! Cat rubber stamps, both cat sayings and cute feline images. Pop art portraits made from the photo you send us of your cat, your ...
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8. Must Have Pets - Pet Lovers Community
It is like myspace for pet lovers. Create clubs, blogs, events, upload music, videos, and pictures. Expand your network of like minded people and sh...
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9. The Khao Manee Cat Club
A cat club for breeders and afficiionados of the Thai Khao Manee (or White Gem) Cat. Kitten list, breeder list, stud list.
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