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41. ShallAdore Cats
Loving Gentle Himalayan Kittens and Persian Kittens. Our Kittens are Bright Eyed Bundles of Fur with Wide Eyed Expressions and Gentle Loving Dispositi...
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We specialize in the beautiful and exotic Bengal and Savannah breeds. We strive for genetic health, quality and exquisite beauty of these amazing cats...
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43. Seki Cats
Seki and Kencyr Cattery - Siamese and Orientals, Canberra Australia. Registered breeders of pedigree Siamese and Oriental cats. For information abo...
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44. Kaeleron Turkish Angoras
We have beautiful Turkish Angora kittens available. We have white, black and calico, as well as the more rare colors such as silver, cameo, smoke and ...
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Beautiful,very bald sphynx kittens and cats cfa & Tica reg written sales contact and health guar located in Paducah Ky, For more Infor see Web site
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46. Rivendoll Ragdolls
We are a small family cattery situated in Mandurah in Western Australia, dedicated to raising healthy, well socialised kittens completely content with...
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47. Sibirskiy Cattery
Small home based Siberian Cattery. Beautiful pets and show cats.All colors available.
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48. Aysha-Zen Cats
Family breeder/exhibitor of the rare Thai Khao Manee cats in Hampshire, UK. Information for owners and breeders, details of kittens, links, health inf...
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