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21. Kittyport Persians & Himalayan Cats
We are breeding quality Persian and Himalayan cats to show and for pets.Many colours.Loving sweet personalities.Registered CFA,vet checked with shots.
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22. Polekatpole-
This cat toy generates hours of interactive fun for you, and your cat. Just cast out the "kat-bait" reel in and watch your cat attack! This cat toy wi...
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23. Joylincar Somalis and Abyssinians
My name is Carole and I live in Perth,Western Australia. I have been breeding Somalis since 2001 and Abyssinians since 2006. My aim is to breed heal...
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24. 7th Heaven Cat Furniture
Pamper your pets with 7th Heavens quality Cat Trees, Condos, and Kitty Gyms. Many sisal options. Only the highest quality at an affordable price. Spe...
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25. Littlebittykiti Cattery
Welcome to Littlebittykiti Cattery,we specialize in raising healthy,well socialized,Munchkin & Dwarf Cats.We have been involved with the Munchkin Cats...
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26. The Cat List
The Cat List, the one-stop source for info about cat breeders, catteries, vets, clubs, shows and other feline matters in the UK.
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27. Great Pictures of Cats
Photo site of cute and funny cats. Includes breed photos and information, funny cat videos, clipart and cute kittens.
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28. Scottish Fold cat breeder
This is the second home to Starrpawzs Scottish Folds! Visit our babies section and watch for our third site up shortly..WWW.SCOTTISHFOLDCATBREEDER.COM...
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29. SafariWorld Bengal Cats | Bengal Kittens Bengal Breeders
SafariWorld Bengals refers to quality breeders only. We have pictures and information and links to health information and bengal breed information.
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30. Kimba the Red Burmese Cat
Kimba the Red Burmese Cat, photos, Burmese links, Cat links
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Australian breeder of brown, silver and snow Bengals. Dedicated to breeding cutting edge quality with wild leopard type, dramatic rosettes and excelle...
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32. Hyms N Perrs Smoke & Dilute Persians
Hyms N Perrs takes Great Pride in our Persians. We Specialize in "Dilute Smokes" Working with Top Quality GC lines, to produce Top Quality Persians. W...
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33. Dog & Catronfashions
Highly original pet clothes and costumes. Handmade of great quality material. Out outfits have been featured on Dateline NBC,Animal Planet. and in the...
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34. Petmar Persians
Breeding quality Persians In CFA since 1984. Calicos , bicolors and tabby/white. DNA tested for PKD. Located In Virginia .
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35. Personal Pet Memorial Markers
Quality solid granite pet grave markers. Pet porcelain portriats and pet etched portraits. Pet headstones and pet gravestones.
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36. MythnLegend Persians and Himalayans
Searching for a Star to add to your Family? Visit our Precious Persian and Himalayan kittens ,they have an added touch of love and sweetness to add ...
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37. Abetiagatos
Sphynx Breeder with over 25 years of experience of breeding. I am a small cattery in Clinton, Ky. CFA and TICA reg. On the CFA breed council. Will nee...
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38. Bird Cages, Dog Cages, Cat Trees and Pet Supplies.
Bird Cage and Parrot Cages at the best prices and quality in the UK, we also do many Parrot Playstands and Parrot Toys, we also do many other pet supp...
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39. Buckeyebobbis American Bobtail
American Bobtail Breeder. Buckeyebobbis American Bobtail Cats/Kittens Pet,Breeder/Show at reasonal prices. Shorthair and Shaggy Coats. Socialized an...
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40. Amiri Exotics Savannah Cats
Breeder of the newest exotic cat of the Century. The Savannah cat, which is a cross between a wild cat known as the African Serval and a domestic bre...
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