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We are a small select kennel based on well established champion lines. We have finished many Canadian and some American champions since our start in 1...
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42. Cirneco dell'Etna Kennel Giltedged
Kennel Giltedged was the firdt to introduce Cirneco dell'Etna to Scandinavia 1992. Since then we have bred 3 litters. Puppies sometimes available.
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43. Mykyna Pointers
Breeder of Champion Pointers. Pet puppies also available
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44. Littlebittykiti Cattery
Welcome to Littlebittykiti Cattery,we specialize in raising healthy,well socialized,Munchkin & Dwarf Cats.We have been involved with the Munchkin Cats...
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45. Saluki Al Naqawa
Saluki Kennel AL NAQAWA - smooth and feathered - for beauty and performance - combination of original desert bred and Scandinavian lines. The SALUKI ...
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46. Azima Turkish Angoras
Azima Turkish Angoras known worldwide since 1969, raises healthy, stylish, intelligent cats with ultra-loving, playful personalities. Various colors a...
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informational articles about dog care, dog breeds, links to dog and animal supplies and dog art
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48. Bengal Breeder Co-Op
Bengal Breeders focused on breeding quality bengal kittens. We screen our breeders for all health issues facing our breed. Our kittens are beautiful...
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49. Bengal Kittens!
Bengal Kitten bred for wild beauty and the very best of health. Our kittens are always raised with lots of love and attention and come with health gu...
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50. Mid-Atlantic Brittany Rescue
Information about Brittanys, volunteer opportunities, & dogs for adoption.
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51. Dog Breeds
Dog breeds are very useful for every person, wants to have a buddy or friend with whom they can spend time. And pets, are one of the best companions i...
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